It makes us so hap

It makes us so happy when families tell us,
“You’ve thought of everything!”

Jeff and Katherine Wise, owners and founders of the Wise Building Company, have designed and constructed fine estate homes in Atherton, California since 2000, when they decided to build their dream family home. During this three-year process, they cultivated their passion for building superbly crafted family estates in the neighborhood they know and love, and have been building estates here ever since.

The Wise's extensive knowledge of Atherton's building rules and codes, the neighborhood, and its residents makes Wise Building Company the right choice for anyone wanting to live in Atherton. 


Wise Building Company estates are “forever” homes, built for the generations, where the entire family can gather, celebrate, relax, and enjoy life. With a Wise Building Company home, you can expect: 

  • Incredible attention to detail
  • Symmetry and balance in overall design, and throughout the home
  • A home that takes full advantage of the property on which it sits, including movement of the sun, location of existing trees, and more
  • The highest quality finishes available
  • The latest technology and conveniences
  • Design with an emphasis on entertaining family and friends
  • A balance of formal and informal spaces, indoor and outdoor living
  • Abundant natural light throughout
  • Spacious rooms, appropriately scaled
  • Touches of whimsy: splashes of color, surprise elements, secret rooms and spaces
  • A pool and a separate guest home 


With every home we design, our goal is to improve on every aspect by combining past experiences with the best ideas at the time, building homes that excel in design, function, beauty, and timelessness.